We offer a full consultancy service when it comes to either finding the best software/hardware solution for your business needs, fixing bugs and performance issues and training development staff on writing better performing code.

Performance Analysis is a speciality.

consultancy principles

What makes a good consultant?

intelligence, passion, specialized expertise, solid analytical skills and deep-rooted professionalism.

a willing listener

knowing the right questions to ask at the right time and answering the customer’s queries clearly

a skilled consultant understands priorities and budget constraint as much as lateral thinking.

a good consultant knows how to cut through to what counts

consultancy process

Using professional methods

analysing need - helping the customer separate "need from want"

planning and design - making the customer clear on the planned strategy

attracting resources - managing the customer’s time efficiently

business empathy - understanding the customer’s business needs

doing what is best for you

Customer centred consultancy

working at a cost related to the situation with a realistic plan or strategy which takes account of the time, people and money resources available to the customer.

research and be aware of the customer's business at an early stage

explain all details to the customer in a clear and concise manner

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